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A unique hideaway in the making

This traditional house is going through a major renovation since 2021. Isolated at the very edge of Puligny-Montrachet within the UNESCO World Heritage site of the "Climats, terroirs of Burgundy".

The two stories give unmatched commanding views on the area while all sides of the property are surrounded by the famous Chardonnay vineyard.

Puligny klapisch befaring 1.jpeg

Traditional and eclectic

This project aims to restore this house back to its traditional roots while improving its aesthetic and making it a truly special place. The property shall build on the owner’s memories, her family’s local history as well as influences from Norway, England, Asia and America where the owners have lived, modestly inspired by Leighton house’ in London.

The house will boast 580m2, 8 sleeping rooms with A/C, 4 bathrooms, a sauna and a swimming pool.

Memorable experiences

The house shall be selectively available to individuals who would like to withdraw in this special house or companies (for management/partner meetings, product launch), or both for any other event valuing this environment like wine tasting, classes or weddings. The owners would also like to support artistic and creative projects which could be enhanced by the unique view and setting.     

View from the dining room
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